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Atman [aht muh n] is a Sanskrit word translated as "true self, soul, or breath"

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About Atman Collective

Hello, lovely! I'm Courtney Proctor, founder of Atman Collective. I help women clarify what they truly want, reconnect with who they really are and create the fulfilling life they are meant for. As an intuitive empath, I hold a vision of your highest potential, and together we discover and transform what is blocking you from stepping fully into the your power. 


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You, beautiful soul, are here to experience an awe-inspiring, fulfilling, awakened life....and you DESERVE it!  

My Truths in a Nutshell

I am worthy. YOU are worthy. Even with our imperfections, even in moments of anger and upset, even when we fail, even when we're scared shitless. Our worth is endless and without condition.

Only you know what is right for you. Your true self always knows.

Authenticity is where it's at. I believe authenticity is powerful, healing and uniting. 


I know how frustrating and hopeless it feels when you've checked all the boxes, done all the 'right' things, you're killing it at adulting, and on the outside you may look happy and successful, but on the inside you feel stressed, exhausted, and like there must be more to life.


Maybe you've tried yoga, meditation and reading all the self-development books you can but it hasn't been enough to help you make the changes you want. 

This was me until I finally learned how to identify the gaps between where I was and where I wanted to be, shift challenging patterns and reconnect with who I really am. I learned how to change my life from the inside out, how to use my intention and intuition to navigate through this world in a way that is right for me. Coming home to my true self helped me find meaning, authentic confidence, discover my purpose and align my life with my truth.

You are here for a reason and now is the time to wake up to the calling of your soul

Maybe you know something needs to change, but you want to start small...I feel you and there's no shame in that game! A great place to start is with a Soul Contract Reading, which is like a blueprint of your soul.


This reading changed my life, it helped me heal, understand and integrate my past, and find direction for my future. Your Soul Contract Reading will leave you in awe of what an amazing being you are and get you excited for the potential and possibilities available to you.


Book a reading and let's marvel at your greatness!




Knowing what you want and why can be shockingly confusing, because we are complex beings! Clarity comes from hearing your true self. Courtney's coaching guides you into listening to your authentic voice and she holds space for you to discover your biggest, wildest dreams. 


Courtney is passionate about empowering you to express your highest potential. Her spiritual coaching helps you step into your authenticity and unlock the inherent power to change your life.


The coaching relationship creates rich soil to plant the seeds of growth + transformation. You will penetrate the shield of self-protection and break through conditioning and limiting beliefs so you can transform into who you are meant to be.


You may be familiar with the quote "go confidently in the direction of your dreams.." and that is how this coaching experience will leave you feeling. Confident to follow your dreams knowing that you are worthy, your voice matters and you have everything you need to succeed.


Coaching can amplify your vision and reflect your true potentials and possibilities back to you. Receive the support and accountability to create the most fulfilling, abundant life possible.


As human beings we are wired for connection  - to ourselves, others and a higher power. Coaching can help you see into the depth of yourself, to move you out of isolation and into the deep connection we all yearn for.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Glad you asked! Some of the benefits include....



"I wasn't sure what to expect from life coaching, but working with Courtney blew my expectations out of the water. Throughout the program (and even now, months after finishing) I have felt BEYOND supported. I started working with Courtney at a pretty critical crossroads in my life. I was unhappy and knew I wanted to make some changes, but despite all the self help books, yoga and journaling, I continued struggling with some big inner barriers to actually making the changes I was craving. For years of my life I just could not get past the fear and self doubt, so nothing changed.


While I had no clue how to move forward, Courtney has a plan and a structure to gently guide you forward. She has developed a huge amount of tools to help you through the process, and it's personalized for you. She listens and offers a safe place to move through the deeper work and help you get to where you want to be. She is gentle, kind and compassionate - wise beyond her years. She pointed things out to me that I couldn't see myself. She helped me understand where my inner barriers had originated, which helped me release their power over me. When I struggled and felt low, she constantly reminded me that I am WORTHY of a beautiful life. That I have the ability to define what that means. It has been so meaningful to me it's hard to narrow it down to just a short testimonial.


If you are ready to do the work - to look within and consider some big changes, Courtney will help lead you there. I feel so lucky that I found her. I can honestly say I would not be where I am if we had not worked together!"

— Katie V. Grand Rapids, MI

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Courtney is located in Grand Rapids, MI and serves women all over the US.

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