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About Atman Collective

Hello, lovely! I'm Courtney Proctor, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Esoteric Healer, and founder of Atman Collective. My life's passion is helping ambitious women design their personal roadmap to wellness and lifelong fulfillment. 

I was a typical over-achiever perfectionist type, always chasing the next thing and never feeling fulfilled when a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis at age 29 woke me up to my life. I knew without a doubt survival meant change. So I began studying ancient healing and spiritual practices, and in the midst of the most challenging circumstances of my life I found the meaning and contentment I'd been seeking.


Since then I've shared all the wisdom and knowledge I gained to help many other ambitious women heal, find more meaning, and consciously create the life they are meant for.


Are you ready to dive in?

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I know how frustrating and hopeless it feels when you've checked all the boxes, done all the 'right' things, you're killing it at adulting, and on the outside you may look happy and successful, but on the inside you feel stressed, exhausted, and like there must be more to life.


Maybe you've tried yoga, meditation and reading all the self-development books you can but it hasn't been enough to help you make the changes you want. 

This was me until I finally learned how to identify the gaps between where I was and where I wanted to be, shift challenging patterns and reconnect with who I really am. I learned how to change my life from the inside out, how to use my intention and intuition to navigate through this world in a way that is right for me. Coming home to my true self helped me find meaning, authentic confidence, discover my purpose and align my life with my truth.

You are here for a reason and now is the time to wake up to the calling of your soul

How I Can Help You

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A program to shift you from exhaustion, illness and discontent to a life of wellness and fulfillment.

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Learn the challenges you're here to grow from, your innate talents, goals and life purpose.

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Energy healing to balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.



"I started working with Courtney at a pretty critical crossroads in my life. I was unhappy and knew I wanted to make some changes, but despite all the self help books, yoga and journaling, I continued struggling with some big inner barriers to actually making the changes I was craving. For years of my life I just could not get past the fear and self doubt, so nothing changed.
While I had no clue how to move forward, Courtney has a plan and a structure to gently guide you forward. She listens and offers a safe place to move through the deeper work and help you get to where you want to be. She is gentle, kind and compassionate - wise beyond her years. She pointed things out to me that I couldn't see myself. She helped me understand where my inner barriers had originated, which helped me release their power over me. When I struggled and felt low, she constantly reminded me that I am WORTHY of a beautiful life. That I have the ability to define what that means. It has been so meaningful to me it's hard to narrow it down to just a short testimonial.
If you are ready to do the work - to look within and consider some big changes, Courtney will help lead you there. I feel so lucky that I found her. I can honestly say I would not be where I am if we had not worked together!"

— Katie V. Grand Rapids, MI

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Courtney is located in Grand Rapids, MI and serves women all over the world

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