Coaching Packages

 - Weekly Coaching -

Weekly coaching is offered for a duration of 3 or 6 months. In your weekly coaching session, Courtney will use intuition and a toolbox full of tools + modalities to help you find clarity, get unstuck, remove emotional and energetic blocks and transform your life. She believes that lasting transformation and freedom comes from working with all aspects of yourself -- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual -- and she has a unique and potent way of helping clients access and harmonize their whole being. 


You will receive custom coaching, support and accountability to help you elevate your whole life. If you're ready to empower yourself to start living from a place of trust and connection, you're in the right place. 

Courtney loves working with clients who desire to:

Discover their purpose and set steps to align with it

▷ Increase self-confidence and self-worth

▷ Release conditioning and old patterns to live more authentically

▷ Create more joy, peace, and freedom in their lives

▷ Feel more connected to themselves and others

Step into your weekly cocoon of nurturing and encouragement and emerge the beautiful, whole being you've been seeking.

What is included:

 One 60 minute session each week

Email and Voxer support between sessions

Custom coaching, accountability and tools

Personalized action plan to reach your desired goals

Option to include energy healing during your session to help shift challenging issues and patterns on an energetic level


-3 Month Package-  

Investment:  $1,775                                              

        3 MONTHS                  


-6 Month Package-

Investment:  $2,900     

        6 MONTHS 

Payment plans are available --- please inquire during your Free Discovery Call. 

 - Monthly Accountability + Support Coaching -

This service is for those who have done weekly coaching with Courtney previously and would like continued support to keep creating your life from your most authentic self. 


You will receive guidance, support, resources, and accountability to reach your goals, maintain positive habits, increase your intuition, or refine the art of trust and surrender... just to name a few possibilities. 

Choose a 3 month or 6 month coaching package.

     ···∞··· Season of Flourishing (3 Months) ···∞···


Some seasons of life require a little extra nurturing to flourish to their fullest potential. We are creative beings, constantly co-creating our life with the Universe. If you are fostering a new creative idea, intention or goal, Courtney can help you find clarity and direction, and create a plan to manifest your soul's desire into the physical world.


With the accountability and support of a coach who sees and holds the highest possible vision for you, be prepared to amaze yourself with what you can create. 

What is included:

One 60 minute coaching session per month (3 sessions total)

Email and Voxer support between sessions

This is a great option if you have a shorter-term goal or intention you're working toward 


$105/month, billed monthly




    ···∞··· Soul-Full Tune Up (6 Months) ···∞···

This package is a beautiful way to maintain union of body, mind and soul, and to ensure you remain awake to life and connected to your center no matter what is going on externally. If life is smooth as butter, having a monthly tune up session can serve to amplify the abundance and sweetness, and inspire you to remain open to the currents of flow.


Or if you're in the midst of an "oof, life happened" situation -- like an illness, a breakup, a stressful new job...something that can take up so much space in your mind, body and emotions that you forget you are an expansive, unlimited being with a life full of meaning and purpose -- a session can save you weeks or months of unnecessary pain and backsliding into old habits and patterns. 

You can look forward to these monthly sessions as a sacred refuge. A time to refill your cup, revitalize and reenergize so you fluidly soar through the ebb and flow of life. 

What is included: 

 One 60 minute coaching session per month (6 sessions total)

Email and Voxer support between sessions

This package can provide the extra support, accountability and nurturing needed to continually create your life in alignment with your true self


$95/month, billed monthly