Journey to Atman - Signature Program!

Come home to your true self





This program will empower you to break through the veils of limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning, fears and excuses so you can connect with your innate wisdom and create the fulfilling life that is meant for you. 


Courtney's coaching is power packed with so much support, encouragement and wisdom to deliver alignment, healing and freedom. Courtney will guide you into clarity and transformation from the inside out with this proven framework that she personalizes to every client. 


The unique tools, techniques and practices offered will help you find your way back to your center and will be lifelong companions to help you stay centered. From this new perspective, external circumstances and situations no longer color your mindset, the way you see the world or the way you see yourself.  


The Journey to Atman program offers you the keys to self-acceptance, trust, and deep connection with your true self.




Journey to Atman can be your guide to truth and wholeness if you are .........

  • feeling stuck and unfulfilled, or like there is something missing in your life - something more to life

  • unable to break free from a pattern of frustration or limitation

  • unsure of how you got to where you are and unclear about where to go next

  • ready to discover your purpose or calling

  • longing to use your unique talents and gifts to make an impact while also making a living

  • yearning to feel centered and unified in yourself regardless of any external circumstances

  • feeling lonely and disconnected, like you can't find where you belong

  • ready to access your power and feel more alive and trusting than ever before 



14 weeks | Weekly 1 hour coaching session (via Zoom) 


Week 1-5

    Mindset, Unlearn Conditioning & Belief Busting

  • All things begin as thought - start to notice your thoughts and change your state of being

  • Learn and apply the #1 mindset shift that is the foundation for confidence and success

  • Peel off the layers of cultural conditioning that aren't serving you - you'll be shocked to discover some of the learned behaviors and attitudes that have been shaping your life 

  • Learn to squash the inner critic, no longer allowing that voice to knock you down

  • Identify the false limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and gain access to tools that will help you trample any beliefs that try to stand in your way now or in the future


Week 6-8

Values, Awareness & Subtle Body

  • Discover YOUR values, not what you have been told to value or what you think you should value

  • Deepen your awareness of your connection to life and who you really are

  • Experience the subtle body and learn how to balance your chakra system




Week 9-12​

Talents and Skills, Integrate the Past & Purpose

  • Receive a soul contract reading (this has left EVERY client speechless with awe) which gives a clear understanding of your talents and gifts, helps you understand and integrate past experiences to heal old wounds, and delivers the answers to why you are here

  • Gain a clear understanding of how your unique experiences and blend of talents and skills holds the answer to your purpose

  • Unlock the latent power within you to achieve your highest potential

Week 13-14  

Manifesting & Intention Setting

  • Demystify the manifestation process and receive a framework for practical manifesting

  • Set intentions and goals for your path forward

  • Deepen your relationship with your intuition and learn how to use it as a compass to guide you through life

When you put in the work, you will see amazing results. 



Pay in Full: 1 payment of $895   

Payment Plan: 3 payments of $329 ea ($987 total)      

1st payment due at time of purchase, 2nd payment due 30 days after purchase, 3rd payment due 60 days after purchase


The path to fulfillment and purpose is just a few clicks away!


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