Meet Courtney

Hi! My name is Courtney Proctor, I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Esoteric Healer based in Grand Rapids, MI.

I help ambitious women all over the world design their personal roadmap to wellness and lifelong fulfillment.

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I am all about authenticity and empowerment, so I hold nothing back in my work with clients, packing in all the wisdom, tools, practices and support I can to provide a rich foundation for expansion and transformation. You already have all the answers within you - which is so cliche but it's also soooo true! You are spirit in human form with universal wisdom and intelligence alive in each of your cells, and I am passionate about reconnecting people with that life giving intelligence and with the wisdom of their soul. 

As an intuitive empath, I help clients identify their desires and mirror back to them their highest potential. I am skilled at seeing the patterns that have been holding clients back and helping them move through obstacles. Supporting and witnessing clients as they recognize and believe in the possibilities and greatness within themselves is an honor and endlessly fulfilling.


How I found my way

Like many others, I subscribed to the 'This Is How You Do Life' script most western cultures prescribe for a happy and successful life - do good in school, go to college, start a career, get married, buy a house, get promotions etc.


With each event or accomplishment, I felt happy for a while but the feeling never lasted. I was always chasing the next thing that would finally make my life feel whole and meaningful. I knew there was something more to life -- something that could fill the growing sense of emptiness I felt -- I just didn't know what it was.

Then on the heels of an immensely challenging 12 year period of health issues including multiple emergency surgeries, a spot of skin cancer and 3 lost pregnancies, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at age 29.


This was the moment I knew without a doubt survival meant change.

If I wanted anything other than the illness, loss and dis-ease I'd been experiencing I had to stop trying to change everything outside of me and instead I had to change.


So I slowed down, learned to be still and sit with myself in moments of discomfort or pain, and I began peeling off beliefs I'd adopted and layers of the false self.

I love going on hiking adventures with my adorable husband!

I was amazed that shortly after embarking on this inward journey -- following years of exhaustion, illness and discontent from chasing happiness and success -- I found meaning and fulfillment in the midst of battling cancer.

People around me noticed something was different and inquired about what I was doing and I loved sharing the wisdom I gained from my experiences.


When I worked with my first coach, I saw how her unconditional love for and belief in me literally amplified my belief in myself.


Ultimately, experiencing how invaluable the support, accountability and guidance of a coach is, and the desire to share the roadmap I used to transform my life with others so they can heal faster is what lead me to the path of becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

Now I'm honored to guide other ambitious women like you back to the truth of who they are and support them in healing and finding lasting fulfillment.

Much love,




I am a seeker and a forever student. I LOVE learning, and I will never stop! The array of knowledge I have collected over the years (and continue to collect) in various fields of spirituality, healing, psychology, business, astrology, and yoga is one of the things that sets me apart and allows me to offer my clients a truly holistic and transformative experience. 

▹ Certified Master Coach, Elementum Coaching Institute

Certified Life Coach (CLC), Life Purpose Institute - an International Coaching Federation accredited institution

▹ Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC),  Life Purpose Institute - an International Coaching Federation accredited institution

▹ HeartMath Certified Mentor, HeartMath Institute

▹ Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, School of Positive Transformation - Accredited by IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance) and CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

▹ Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Seva Yoga

▹ Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University

▹ Masters of Business Administration, Grand Valley State University

How I Can Help You

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