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Mindfulness and confidence for the modern world








It's easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life as we rush from one task to the next on autopilot, but this constant doing and planning with no room for just being cuts us off from life. When we move from a human being to a human doing, lost in the incessant chatter of the mind, we get disconnected from ourselves and eventually forget who we really are. 


Becoming aware of your thoughts, habits and reactions is the first step toward reconnecting with your true self, but awareness is not the last stop on the bus route to confidence and change. To get different results, you have to know what to do with this newfound awareness and you may know by now that repeating affirmations you don't really believe, ignoring your real feelings and just 'thinking positive' are not the answer. 


Your mind is powerful beyond measure, but what most people don't know or don't consider is that your perceptions and beliefs have to be able to hold up what you're trying to call in. 


What does that mean? It means that it's really difficult to find the courage to apply for a promotion you want on top of a belief like "I'm not smart enough", or to ask that kick-ass girl from yoga if she wants to grab coffee after class on top of the belief that "nobody likes me". 

This curriculum will show you how to harness the power of your mind so you can be resilient in the face of challenges, have influence and impact, trust yourself to make decisions that support you and pursue your dreams. Each week will unveil another layer of your true nature as you uncover the patterns, behaviors and thoughts that cause you stress and dissatisfaction. Courtney will teach you how to apply mindset shifts to replace fear and doubt with trust and self-confidence so you can transform your life.... and feel damn good in your skin while you're at it.


The Mindset and Confidence program is right if you are ready to....

  • shatter self-imposed barriers that have been holding you back so you can achieve your goals and dreams

  • feel confident even in the face of uncertainty and challenges

  • gain the self mastery to break free from self-doubt and anxiety

  • improve your social interactions and find deep connection with others

  • stress less, trust life and yourself more

  • step into a leadership role with confidence and authority


7 weeks | Weekly 1 hour coaching session (via Zoom)

Week 1-2

Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Learn how to adopt and apply the #1 mindset for confidence and success

  • Learn to harness the innate power of your brain to change your thoughts, beliefs and habits so you get different results

Week 3-5

Confidence, Belief Busting & Perspective Shift

  • Learn how to navigate fear and other disruptive emotions and act anyway (p.s. this nugget -o- wisdom is key to your success)

  • Discover how to change the 'power dynamics' of any situation to instantly feel more confident

  • Disarm the inner critic, find and eliminate the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck

Week 6-7

Action & Authenticity

  • Find clarity, self-compassion and self-worth

  • Embrace authenticity as your new compass and learn how to trust yourself in every situation



Pay in Full: 1 payment of $425

Payment Plan: 2 payments of $223 ea ($446 total)

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Courtney would love to continue to support you after completing this program through Accountability and Support Coaching. This is optional, but know that you can choose to continue the rich and supportive coaching relationship upon 'graduating' from this program.