Soul Contract Reading

A spiritual map of your life






A Soul Contract Reading uses channeled wisdom and the sounds of sacred Hebrew to decode the spiritual map of your life. It reveals the challenges your soul came here to learn from, your talents, goals and your Soul Destiny -- your life purpose. 

When I had my chart read it explained the patterns, behaviors and challenges of my life. I found the answers I had been searching for and the spiritual altitude needed to start healing past wounds, awaken my talents and get on with serving my soul purpose. It was such a powerful and healing experience that I'm passionate about sharing this work.

Each of our souls has a specific plan for evolution while incarnate. Understanding our soul lessons and talents can help integrate painful experiences and empower us to allow our full divine Self to emerge. 

I was trained by the Amazon #1 bestselling author of the book Your Soul Contract Decoded, Nicolas David Ngan, as seen on Gaia.

A Soul Contract Reading will empower you to....

  ▷ understand your biggest challenges and how to overcome them

  ▷ transform the areas of life that are keeping you stuck

  ▷ activate and enhance your unique talents

  ▷ open to the love and guidance of your soul

  ▷ create the fulfilling life you desire

  ▷ FINALLY discover your purpose


  ▷ 75 minute reading via Zoom

  ▷ Session recording

  ▷ Specific recommendations for overcoming your biggest challenges and reaching your goals



$100 for a 75 minute reading (and the answers to so many of your burning questions! 😄🙌🏼)

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If you haven’t stepped into a soul contract reading with Courtney, you are missing a whole piece of your puzzle of life. I can’t even tell you how much this session with Courtney changed my life. I always knew my purpose without really knowing it, if that makes sense, and what this reading did for me was validated what I already knew and allowed me to fully follow my purpose in life.

I stepped into this session feeling frightened and anxious. Courtney’s ability to understand what I needed right then and there was so warming. She took the time to stop and take me through a relaxation session so we were able to continue. Her patience and ability to explain different parts of my reading was perfect and I can’t recommend this session with Courtney enough.

Thank you so much Courtney, you’ve literally been a step on my path to changing my life. 

- Jackie R.  

I'll be honest, I went in skeptical, as this was my first reading of any kind. But Courtney was so responsive to my apprehension and made the whole experience comforting and enlightening!
- Steph H. 

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